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Best Tips for Trade Show Success

In this era of digital marketing trade shows almost appear anachronistic to those who prefer the ease of conducting business via phone and internet. Yet trade shows and other events are still great ways to meet new customers, deliver marketing to a wider audience, and introduce new products or services. Here are some tips to…
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5 Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing

A study published by Sprout Social, a social media management company, noted changes in how people view social media advertising. Yes, all that “fake news” and real news about users’ personal information being leaked, stolen or sold to third parties has made a difference in the habits of social media users. Social media is likely…
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10 Ways Marketing is Like Food

There are as many different ways to prepare and plan marketing as there are for preparing a delicious meal. If you sell a product or service then you must present your marketing to customers in an effort to tempt them to buy. Do you want to present them with something that will entice them or…
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Is Your Business Customer Focused?

Customer focus is very important today. With multi-billion-dollar conglomerates taking over most trades, competition for sales is more difficult. But remain customer focused and ensure your customer’s satisfaction is the basis of your marketing and you will see sales grow. Many smaller businesses often do not have a marketing professional on their team, giving that…
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