About Us

Rob Shaw Media is a team of design and marketing professionals drawing upon decades of experience in developing media and marketing services for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, food & agriculture, and construction/engineering.

We focus on delivering high-quality and affordable branding to our clients, via a thorough analysis of your business and its unique demographics.

We develop targeted, effective marketing that suits any budget, that reflects your Unique Selling Proposition in the most positive way and improves the best marketing ROI—higher sales.

Our primary services include creating original design and content in print or digital, to “tell your story” in social media, for corporate events, or in advertising and promotional materials such as newsletters, catalogues and brochures, label/package design and print production.

Our business expertise includes marketing materials, media, and CPG for natural health supplements and products, food & grocery, drug & pharma, small enterprise and mass market retail.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation assessment of your current marketing and let us help you target your future marketing to increase sales!